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ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance offers travel coverage and services that suit every individual’s or family’s need. While planning a domestic or foreign trip, it is always advisable to consider what kind of travel insurance is suitable for your needs. With a wide range of benefits like Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Loss of Passport or Checked in Baggage, Delay in Checked in baggage, Hospitalization, personal accident ICICI Lombard offers comprehensive coverage. Travelling to a foreign land on a visitor or business visa and a budget brings about its own set of risks and uncertainties. By getting the benefit of our overseas travel insurance, you can satisfy your wanderlust without the worry of travel risks. You can even manage medical or health expenses, if any, in a foreign land where medical treatment tends to be very expensive and has the potential to eat into your life savings. So get packing for an exciting journey with the safety net of our International Travel Insurance.

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